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1 the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities [syn: degeneration, decadence, decadency]
2 moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles; "the luxury and corruption among the upper classes"; "moral degeneracy followed intellectual degeneration"; "its brothels; its opium parlors; its depravity" [syn: corruption, depravity]

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  1. the state of being degenerate (in all senses)

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Degeneracy (for the quality; degeneration for the process; adj; v. degenerate and rapper degenerate), from the Latin de-generare'' "to depart from its kind or genus, to fall from its proper or ancestral quality" can refer to:
  • In science and mathematics:
    • Degeneracy (mathematics), a limiting case in which a class of object changes its nature so as to belong to another, usually simpler, class
    • Degenerate matter, a very highly compressed phase of matter where all or some of the electron orbits have collapsed from pressure
    • Degenerate energy levels, different arrangements of a physical system which have the same energy
  • Medical degeneration:
  • Degeneration in social ideology:
    • Degenerate art, a term adopted by the Nazi regime in Germany to describe virtually all modern art
  • In popular culture:
    • "Degenerate" - song by Blink-182 from the album Dude Ranch (album)
    • Degenerate - a poetic hip-hop artist from Lindenhurst, NY known for his meaningful lyrics.
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